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How to enter flow state on command

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Your Soul has but one function, to help remind your ego who she is. The ego has the task of creating her life in this 3D reality. But as long as your ego is looking on the outside for answers. You will be in resistance to your flow state. You will find your flow when your ego follows your Soul.

Hi, Fabulous One. In this video, I will share my point of view on how the Soul and mind work together to stay in the flow. Why it will feel hard in the beginning to stay consistent, and what you'll need to do to maintain this level of vibration.

From the moment we are born, the fix is in. We are raised to be unconscious. This is nobody's fault, definitely not my parents. They have been a victim of the matrix and did their best to help me function in a world that wasn't set up for them to thrive. Nevertheless, your whole journey growing up will feel like the path of resistance. You are always running after something, chasing the next best thing without any rest or break to wonder.

This is something I want to change for my daughter. I want to give her a lifestyle where she can have enough white space to have creative thoughts to enhance her life and find her flow. The fact that we never stand still since birth is something we must question. We go to school, finish high school, and some attend college. By age 18, we are considered an adult, which is a joke, and we haven't learned anything about life itself or how to thrive in it. From then on, we must survive independently, pay bills, study, find a mate, have babies, and start the cycle again. Repeating the same pattern as my parents without questioning if this is right.

Where is our time to ponder, wonder, stare at the stars, and contemplate the meaning of our lives? There is none. It has been designed this way so you will never hear the voice of your Soul.

But you already know something doesn't feel right. Something is missing. It never feels enough, and you are constantly looking for that inner peace in your outer world that doesn't exist. At that moment, you believe that buying the next best car, house, phone, or maybe even another baby will provide happiness, and you will finally feel in a state of flow. So you try, over and over and over, until you hit that magical number; for me, it was 35, and realize: What have I been chasing all my life?

They call it a mid-life crisis? No, I don't think so.

It's a Soul-Crisis because your ego finally starts to recognize the patterns, and she will beat herself up for taking this long to see it. Around your 30s and 40s, you have lived long enough to realize this ain't working. We've climbed the wrong ladder, but climbing down again and starting over feels overwhelming, so we stay where we are and give up this idea of true happiness and inner peace. We live in this state of angst all the time, where we embrace some happy moments here and there, but most of the time, it's pretty dark. And if you are a parent, you want to warn your children about what is to come, but you don't want to deflate their bubble. You think you are doing them a favor by not telling them that true happiness doesn't exist. And so here we are, perpetuating the cycle of unconsciousness.

This is exactly what was going through my mind when I held my baby girl in my arms for the first time. You only know what your parents had to go through once you become a parent yourself. As I watched my little girl grow up, by the time she was two years, I started to feel this enormous pull to help her come to her "realization" faster than me because I felt that at 35, if I had known what I know now at 20, I would have made better decisions. When I took the time to ponder my life instead of chasing the next shiny object, it allowed me to hear my Soul's voice.

Motherhood changed the game for me. I changed completely into this new person who suddenly cared more about her baby's life than her own. Who am I?

Nobody shares with you that motherhood is the gateway to your Higher Self. This new version you don't recognize is on a higher vibration but also brings more anxiety, worry, and stress. That's the part they don't share with you about reaching a higher level of awareness. When you expand one side, consciousness, you will also expand the other side's unconsciousness. There is no separation, only the illusion of one.

The noise in your mind dissipates only when you dare to stop and refuse to take another step in the matrix. Then, out of the darkness, your Soul will return to the light.

  1. Nobody told us to stop and ponder at a young age.

  2. Nobody told us our Soul has a voice.

  3. Nobody thought us that our ego has to follow the Soul.

First, thanks for watching this video; for those who don't know me: my name is Jeanice Nelson. I am the author of Fabulous One Philosophy - Self-Mastery Study Guide for Moms, and I have founded The Self-Mastery School for Moms, where I teach you how to silence your inner saboteur and master the self. If this interests you, I invite you to join my Free Student Program and start your journey from Mom to Master.

If you wish to find your flow state, you must be willing to stand still and turn in the other direction. You must be willing to look inward. Of course, with motherhood, that feels practically impossible. There is so much to do and care for, and you will reason yourself out of taking time for yourself. You will keep your focus on your outer world because it feels more important than you. So, your first step to finding your flow is to find time to be still and ponder.

It will feel incredibly hard to do because, initially, your ego will try to convince you that you are wasting your time. Please go about your day; we have so much already on our plate. But when you are willing to go against the status quo. Against the programming of your mind. It will feel foreign at first, completely out of order, but when you find your signal in the noise, you will experience flow.

It took me five years to write my book. At the time, I was a SAHM. I would get up early before dropping off my daughter at school. Just me and my thoughts… and coffee. I would take at least an hour to sit and wait. There was nothing I had to think about. I just had to wait, and suddenly, a stream of inspirational thoughts would flow. I kept a notebook with me to write some of it down. It feels like you transcend to a different dimension where there is no time, only space, and you get to see your life without judging it.

An hour would pass by really fast. My alarm was set to 7 am to prepare for school drop-off. Later after I came home, I would look at my notebook and see I had written five pages full by hand. It felt like an out-of-body experience. I knew the words written weren't by my ego. Instead, I had tapped into my Soul's voice, and words of wisdom kept pouring out. So, I knew, I was on to something. So every morning, for five years straight, I would spend that first hour only on being with me.

I didn't scroll on my phone.

Didn't check emails.

I sat with myself and allowed my inner guidance to lead.

You will reach a flow state when you unapologetically focus on yourself.

Choose a time frame that works for you. For example, give yourself at least an hour to be alone. No distraction, nothing, no sounds, or you will be yanked out of your state. The hardest part is to give yourself permission to do nothing.

The consequences are grave if we don't sit with our inner guidance.

We will believe the outside voices and follow their lead, putting us on the path of resistance. Flow means alignment. This alignment happens when the ego follows the Soul. If we do not, we suffer through life, never knowing that the solution lives inside us.

Once your five senses experience a flow state, you will want to repeat it. This is when you will become more deliberate about your me-time. But that first time will be the hardest because you only know what you are looking for once you are on that ride. Once you do, a whole new world will open up to you. A safe space in your mind where you get to create worlds. Everything you have created so far in your life began with a thought. When you master your mind, you can always create this flow state at will.



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