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Toxic Positivity | Are law of Attraction Teachers fake? | Public Podcast

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Hello, Fabulous One,

Today, I would like to explain the differences between a self-mastery teacher and a 21st-century spiritual teacher. I see myself as a self-mastery teacher, and it means my approach is completely different. I can understand that many people find it hard to differentiate between the two, but it’s very important you choose the right person to work with depending on which stage of your spiritual journey you are in. It will make a world of difference and as well saves you confusion and frustration. I say 21st-century spiritual teacher on purpose because I make a clear distinction between the spiritual teachers of the past and the modern spiritual teachers I see today. I am not speaking about the old-school or ancient or our spiritual teachers of the past. I am very fond of them, but these new 21st-century spiritual teachers are not my cup of tea, and that’s why it's important to me you don’t see me as one of them. I want to be an island on my own. Something entirely new, not done before, in the way I am presenting it to you.

Back in the day, there was no difference. The self-mastery teacher and spiritual teacher were the same, but because of all the Western influences, there has come a clear separation between the two. This is something unique to the 21st century. Many people nowadays can call themselves spiritual teachers, but few people can say they are self-mastery teachers, and if you don’t know the difference, you are missing out big time. There is one caveat, everyone can study with a spiritual teacher, but not everyone is ready for a self-mastery teacher. Let me explain, and you can decide for yourself.

Difference 1:

A spiritual teacher is a broad term for many modalities or approaches. You can be a spiritual teacher, but your foundation is different. For example, you might have a religious background, or you might be interested in numerology, astrology, crystals, etc. Or they are Reiki healers or energy healers. The spiritual tools used by a spiritual teacher vary, and the focus is the use of those tools in order to help you heal. You must stick to those spiritual practices, and if you don’t, they can use it against you when you don’t feel it works. A self-mastery teacher only has one goal: For you to remember who you are at the highest level, which is The Universal Mind. A self-mastery teacher will lead you to the universal mind through pure conversation. There are no spiritual rituals or practices. A self-mastery teacher wants you to understand, have an aha moment, and move up the vibrational ladder with pure understanding. A self-mastery teacher will force you to think and use your mind to connect to your soul. Something a spiritual teacher is not always skilled to do because when it comes to a spiritual teacher, you do not know if they are enlightened. If someone claims to be a self-master, they claim to be connected to the mind of source. They will have no problem saying: They are enlightened because they remember who they are. I say “claim” because I understand you still have to believe them, but when you do, working with a self-mastery teacher will get you faster to your enlightenment because a self-mastery teacher doesn’t use roundabout ways to get there but leads you straight to the mind of source. Some call it “Consciousness, Universal Mind or Spirit.” You will hear me say: Mind of Source or Divine Mother, and in my book, I explain why I choose to use these names.

Difference 2:

Spiritual teachers will entertain the ego. They soothe the ego by providing it with shiny objects to focus on in the hopes of coaxing them into walking the spiritual path. When I say ego, this can be your ego or their ego, depending on how it resonates with you. Who are they? The collective unconscious, the masses, and anyone who feels attracted to this style/type of teaching. This type of teaching focuses on inner child healing and wants you to re-experience your painful past so that you can clear it out or remove the energy block, so they speak. The sole focus is mainly here on how to deal with all the negativity that has happened in your life and discuss it to your heart’s content. This might feel good in the beginning because you will have many questions about your “feelings of emptiness,” and you just want answers. But what you will notice is that the questions never end, and you will always have more questions. You’ll notice that when you solve one painful question, the solution will provide you with 7 new questions. Yes, you solved one problem, but now you are stuck with seven more to solve. Since the spiritual teacher loves this type of interaction, they will never tell you enough is enough. They can handle all your questions and keep you busy for a lifetime. At first, you will believe they are so helpful and can’t believe the level of attention they will give you, but at a certain point, you will get frustrated because you can’t seem to get “there.” The place of peace and happiness is ever eluding you and moving further and further away. You become restless and more aggressive with your questions because you always seem to circle back to the same “negative” feelings.

A self-mastery teacher doesn’t do that but challenges you to look for a better version of yourself by helping you remember who you are. A self-mastery teacher helps you focus on everything that is positive in your life and enhances it.

A 21st-century spiritual teacher’s main question is: “What problem do you want to be solved?”

A self-mastery teacher’s main question is: “Who do you want to become?”

I understand the ego is holding on to a lot of anger, shame, and guilt. Most people think we need to pacify the ego before we can go into any true spiritual teaching, but I dare to say that there are a lot of spiritual teachers out there who are just distracting the ego, and that’s a dangerous thing. If you tell the ego there is something she can get out of walking the spiritual path, she will come to collect. She will hold you to it, and if the promise isn’t kept, she will drop the teaching altogether and turn against spirituality, claiming it doesn’t work. And she would be right because spiritual teachings were never meant to seduce your ego, but the 21st-century spiritual teachers seem to think this approach works.

But how do we deal with our negative thoughts? Or how do we bypass our negative thoughts? Well, first, you bypass nothing, and second go see a psychologist or psychiatrist. They are well-equipped and specifically qualified to deal with your ego. Most 21st-century spiritual teachers are not.

Aren’t you one of those 21st-century spiritual teachers, Jean?

No, I am not. As I said, I call myself a Self-Mastery Teacher. I would appreciate it if you don’t lump me in with the 21st-century teachers. We all know on paper what spirituality is supposed to mean, but if we take an honest look at the world right now, it clearly doesn’t resemble any of that. I see a lot of pacification of the ego by 21st-century spiritual teachers who try to be on the same level as the ego, making you feel they understand. They have been there themselves. They make you feel as if they are your friend who understands your pain. I think it’s a big mistake that will bite them in the butt in the long hall when those people find out that they will never make it to the final destination where the pot of gold is, because they never learned how to follow the rainbow. They are only focused on finding the pot of gold that the rainbow is lost on them. It’s not their fault. It’s those 21st-century spiritual teachers who tell you to focus on the pot of gold and make it look spiritual. Those types of teachers are completely clueless about self-mastery, and they won’t be able to teach you anything but chase shiny objects in the name of spirituality.

Self-mastery teachers are different. They focus solely on soul, mind, and body connection and becoming whole. Nothing else matters. Not even your psychological problems. A self-mastery teacher will dismiss your psychological problems and refuse to talk about them and give them more energy. All a self-mastery teacher wants to do is guide you back to the light. As soon as you deviate from that path, the self-mastery teacher will put you back on it. A self-mastery teacher will not allow you to be seduced by shiny objects and will tell your ego to stop dwelling in a fantasy world. This can be a hard pill to swallow, especially if you are not ready.

I don’t believe the law of attraction makes you rich. It serves a completely different purpose, and it’s not an isolated law. It works with all the other laws of the conscious universe. The hardest part of the era we are living in right now is an abundance of “misinformation.” I admit it’s hard to differentiate between the real and the fake. It’s even harder for people like myself to get through the masses because there are so many layers of illusion. I will have to go through it before I reach your heart-mind. I will make that effort. I have found my calling, and it will be my life’s mission to get through to you. So lucky for you, I won’t give up. I will keep going until you hear me. One day you will thank me.

Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting stuff. If you truly wish to be rich, save your marriage, find a husband, or build a thriving business, just find the people who help with exactly that. Don’t see any 21st-century spiritual teacher, but find a proper business coach, find a marriage counselor, etc., and study the books. Find books on finance or marriage. You are in the arena of self-actualization, which is perfectly fine, but don’t confuse it with self-realization. It is not the same thing.

Spirituality leads you back to wholeness.

Spirituality helps you remember who you are.

Spirituality sees yourself through The Mind of Source.

Anything else is a false teaching, in my opinion.

That’s why I call myself a self-mastery teacher because I do not want to be dumped in the same category as those 21st-century spiritual teachers. I know it’s easy to judge me from that perspective if you haven’t worked with me yet or know about my philosophy. At the same time, I agree, I make it a bit confusing if I call my teaching Fabulous One Philosophy, but I did that on purpose because I know what I am up against.

I need to have something that shines brighter than all the other shiny objects you are seduced with and tells you that there is nothing more valuable than pursuing my soul. Your soul is the shiniest object of them all. And, of course, the soul is not an object, but just for the sake of argument.

Once the ego realizes those new-age spiritual teachers are full of empty promises, it becomes ugly. Telling you to go after the pot of gold is the same principle as: “How to give a dog medicine.” You know you can’t give it to the dog just dry. You need to wrap the medicine in ham so she will take it. I feel this is what 21st-century spirituality has done. Instead of being the medicine, spirituality has now become the ham. A true teaching is lost.

You can clearly see it’s not working for us right now. Unintentionally, the 21st-century spiritual teachers have awoken the dark feminine. The desires and wants of the ego have become so big that the ego has now become a spirit ego. That is what we are dealing with at the moment. Humanity has upgraded from a little ego to a spirit ego. A spirit ego who doesn’t get what she wants becomes dark.

The dark feminine energy is no longer happy with the status quo. No, she deserves things! It’s my birthright! Hand me the keys to the kingdom! And who is this? Is this your king? What a joke. Kick him out, and let’s create my Queendom!

We have done it now, can’t put this genie back in the box, have to deal with her now. 21st-Century spiritual teachers completely distorted the meaning of true happiness and made it something you can pursue. The inflation of happiness. It will all come crashing down. And when the bubble bursts, it’s going to be very hard for those people to find their balance. Insanity will be at an all-time high. It’s going to be a rude awakening.

You will wonder, hmm, why is my real life so different from what I see on social media? The people who can’t accept will prefer to live their lives in virtual reality instead of reality.

So, the teachers now need to make themselves known where they stand. It’s a standoff between the true vs. false teachers. True teachers will refuse to wrap anything up in ham. They know you need the medicine, and they will convince you to take it.

Difference 3:

The biggest difference between a self-mastery teacher and a 21st-century spiritual teacher is that they will entertain your spirit ego all day long. They love to indulge in the conversation because it keeps you coming back. They want to be known and seen as the highest and will always keep you addicted to their way of seeing the world. They will discuss problem after problem because that is what the spirit ego wants. She doesn’t want a solution but dwells in the dimension of problems. Never really teach you how to become your own teacher because they don’t give you the medicine. They give the ham with nothing inside. A self-mastery teacher will hit you with a stick as soon as you speak about “ham,” hahahahahah.

A self-mastery teacher’s only objective is to help you become a self-master. She won’t entertain all these questions but force you to think before opening your mouth. A self-mastery teacher will make you feel stupid if you ask the wrong questions and will challenge you in ways you have never been challenged. The last thing the self-mastery teacher wants to do is pacify your ego. She will make you so angry as to hoax your spirit ego out and confront you with yourself. The only way a self-mastery teacher can do that is because she knows the road less traveled. She has done it herself, and she knows that if you do not transcend your spirit ego. You will remain unconscious. All the self-mastery teacher wants is for you to wake up to your True Self. A self-mastery teacher doesn’t dwell in duality but comes from the non-dual mind. You can’t trick a self-mastery teacher or intimidate her into being nice to you because you are the one who levels her up to “teacher status.”

A 21st-century spiritual teacher cares about reputation and popularity. A self-mastery teacher will fire you as a student if there is any defiance. She won’t accept any disrespect or undisciplined disciples. It simply means you are not ready yet to do the serious work. Go entertain yourself with a 21st-century spiritual teacher until you are ready. A 21st-century spiritual teacher will jump through hoops to help you. A self-mastery teacher will make you jump through hoops to prove your worth as a student. I know it’s harsh, but it’s a world of difference. A self-mastery teacher will take all your shiny objects away and strip you down to the bare minimum. A self-mastery teacher will never entertain your spirit ego and put her back in her place. A self-mastery teacher will tell you to take the medicine without any theatrics.

Good luck with finding any students, Jean, hahaha.

True, it will be harder, but not impossible, because once you are tired of feeling miserable, no matter how many shiny objects you collect, there will come a point where you want a different approach.

We are always evolving to higher states of consciousness. Psychologists and psychiatrists are as well waking up to the fact that their spirit ego has strung them along. So there is a very positive shift happening within psychology and psychiatry to help you deal with the ego.

A self-mastery teacher will not:

Teach you how to become incredibly financially wealthy.

Teach you how to get the guy or how to get married.

Teach you how to end any physical pain or become supernatural.

A self-mastery teacher already makes you check your ego at the door.

A self-mastery teacher is going to crush your ego from the start, especially if you want to work with a self-mastery teacher.

A self-mastery teacher has no interest in trying to take you from A to B and then from B to C, and then from C to D because the Self Mastery teacher already knows that’s a waste of time. Problem-solving is a waste of time. You need to go directly to the Source.

So you want to fix your marriage. Find a marriage counselor, not a 21st-century spiritual teacher who is single.

Difference 4:

There is a minimum level of consciousness required already if you wish to work with a self-mastery teacher. The level of consciousness that is required is that you are done with blaming the world or chasing rewards. When you finally wish to work on yourself. When you realize you can’t change the world, only your perception of it. That is the entry-level for a student who wishes to work with a self-mastery teacher. So, if you have the audacity to come at me and say: “Make me fabulous, Jean?!” I will smile and ask you to leave. You are not ready.

The self-mastery teacher starts with the premise that you already know you need to work on yourself. Otherwise, a self-mastery teacher will trigger you big time. You won’t be able to stomach a self-mastery teacher. It will be way too confrontational. I am not here to make you feel good. It’s your job to make you feel good. There are a lot of teachers out there who care more about their popularity than actually helping people. You rule them. They will do as you tell them to do because they don’t want to lose their following, so they give the masses what they want… aka the ham. They’ve exchanged their passion for glory. These types of teachers do not teach from the heart. They’re teaching from intellect, which means duality.

Yes, they are on a higher level of consciousness, and yes, they have something to teach you because they are much smarter than you. They have a much higher level of intelligence than you, so you mistake them for a self-mastery teacher, but they are not. They haven’t mastered the self; they understand the self on an intellectual level, but the embodiment is missing. They are still very much connected to spirit ego. It’s just that their spirit ego believes to be a guru or a spiritual teacher, so they try to do good, but unintentionally they will walk you off the cliff because of their need for validation and popularity. They do not serve the mind of Source (Divine Mother), but their spirit-ego, which has grown larger than life itself.

That’s a harsh thing to say, but after following people for almost 12 years, I feel very confident to say this. I have observed it with my three eyes. A self-mastery teacher only has one aim, which is to help you become a master yourself. The self-mastery teacher wants to teach and move on. She doesn’t want to stick around and help you with every problem in your life. If that’s the case, the self-mastery teacher has failed to teach you anything. A self-mastery teacher will help you become emotionally independent, a master of self, so you can make all the decisions with your inner guidance and trust you can lead yourself out of any situation.

Difference 5:

The 21st-century spiritual teacher wants you to depend on them. If I wish to be a healer, I need sick people. Without sick people, I can not be perceived as this great healer. It’s in my best interest to keep you sick or keep making you believe you are sick so that you keep coming back to me. This is disempowerment. I do not take part in this kind of teaching.

“The sage is not sick and tired, but the sage is sick and tired of other people being sick and tired.” - Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu.

A self-mastery teacher doesn’t solve psychological problems because she knows that’s like bringing a bucket of water to the ocean. It will do nothing for you long term. It’s going to satisfy you, short term, at the moment, but it will not help you in the long run.

A self-mastery teacher shows you the whole picture. It doesn’t deal with halves, quarters, tenths, or any other distortions. It only deals in “wholeness.” Zeros or Ones. Anything else is an illusion.

The 21st-century spiritual teachers will examine your point of reference, your local, but a self-mastery teacher takes you out of your location altogether. A self-mastery teacher makes you zoom out and see the whole. Once you elevate to a higher level, you can finally see where you are.

Let’s say you are an ant, and you are trying to find your way out. The terrain is rough, grayish-looking, and lots of hair-like weeds sticking out to make it harder to walk. A 21st-century spiritual teacher will meet you where you are and walk with you to keep you company. A self-mastery teacher doesn’t do that. A self-mastery teacher will lift the ant all the way into the sky to show the ant she is walking on the back of an elephant. The ant can now see where she is, and if she wants to reach the head of the elephant or go off the elephant, the road toward it becomes much easier to understand. Once you see the whole, there is no more doubting your direction. You will know where you are going, and you will walk faster because you know there is a way out. You will no longer feel like a victim or dependent on the teacher. You know the way, and you will lead yourself.

A self-mastery teacher helps you see above the problem, and once you can see above the problem, the problem ceases to exist. Here we enter the arena of metaphysics or philosophy, and that’s why it’s called Fabulous One Philosophy, because you are one, and you are already fabulous. There’s nothing you have to do. There’s something you have to remember.

But if you can’t see above the problem, you will always feel you’re not good enough. So we have to rise above the problem. And for every psychological problem, there must be a philosophical solution. Another way of saying it, it’s like what Albert Einstein said, you cannot solve the problem with the same level of consciousness that you have created the problem with. You’re just adding more water to the ocean. So, a self-mastery teacher immediately checks your ego at the door because the Self Mastery teacher makes sure that we will not do problem-solving in eternity. That would be insane, right? And we are not insane, hahahahahah.

The self-mastery teacher already knows you are stuck in the illusion. So why entertain that? A self-mastery teacher doesn’t entertain the illusion, but the 21st-century spiritual teachers will because they teach from spirit ego.

How do you know if you are ready for a self-mastery teacher?

When you are ready to hear the truth no matter what. No matter how it makes you feel, no matter how hard it is to accept, you will only want the truth. You are no longer satisfied being pacified by shiny objects and spiritual practices to soothe the pain temporarily. You want out. You want an end to suffering. You no longer wish to play this matrix game.

And you will keep a beginner’s mind to learn new ways of seeing. When the student is ready, the self-mastery teacher will appear. When the student is ready, the self-mastery teacher will disappear. You can’t cling to a self-mastery teacher. She won’t let you.

So, if you hear this message, and it resonates, then you’re ready. You are ready to become a self-master. Otherwise, you would have switched me off already after two or three minutes. So that’s your clue. If you can stomach the teaching and the teacher, you are ready.

Welcome. Your spiritual awakening has begun.

Remember, you are Fabulous One. I’m just here to remind you of what you forgot.



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