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How to silence your inner saboteur and connect to your Higher Self | A Deep Dive Into The Abyss

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Distraction is the name of the game:

Hello Fabulous One, today, I would like to go a little deeper into the Fabulous One Philosophy and give you an advanced-level explanation of why the inner saboteur is such a rascal to deal with and is relentless in her pursuit to make you miserable. It’s not what you think. She has a deeper agenda, and I will explain what that is. I use a lot of terminology, which is part of the Fabulous One Vocabulary. You can find the Vocabulary inside my school as one of the first illustrations of my book. If you wish to follow along, you will have to be familiar with my book or at least have read the 68 pages I give you for free inside my self-mastery school for moms. If you get lost in translation while listening to me, just know that all the answers are inside my self-mastery school. All you have to do is join.

How and why does the inner saboteur keep you asleep?

Distraction is the name of the game. As long as they, with them meaning the collective, can keep you distracted (and it doesn’t matter whether the distraction is good or bad). If the distraction is something that gives you pleasure and joy but still moves you away from growth and expansion. It’s a distraction. If it moves you away from awakening to your higher self. It’s a distraction. You will not look for your True Self.

I thought for the longest time, and maybe you are in the same boat as I was, that I had to find alignment with the things that were fun, joyful, and made you feel good. Anything that didn’t make me feel good had to go or wasn’t for my highest good. That could be people, places, situations, or objects. When I did things, I didn’t enjoy doing, like cleaning the house, cooking, or something that we can’t admit out loud because what would the world think of me if I said I don’t enjoy waking up at 3 am to breastfeed? I had to convince myself to do it. My mind was fighting me all the way. It felt like a very hard chore against my free will. Even breastfeeding can make you feel like a milk machine accessible at any time of the day.

Yes, eventually, I got things done, but in my mind, I was just wondering how I went from being a stunningly glamorous model walking the runway to doing dishes every day and changing dirty diapers. My mind was not in agreement until I became a spiritual seeker. I realized everything was my choice, even the stuff I didn’t like to do. It was my choice, and if I choose to do them, I must do them fully. Completely surrendered to the doing. Anything else is a distraction from connecting to the present moment. The chitter chatter in my mind was my fake self, just constantly making sure that the veil wasn’t removed. Huh, wait, what?

Yeah, that is when it hit me. It’s not about if something is fun or not fun. As long as the inner saboteur can keep you trapped in that realm, she feels she has got you under her control, and you will find yourself in a state of suffering. There is a deeper reason she keeps on blabbering in your head. She knows when she stops blabbering; you will naturally gravitate back to your center. You become fully present, and doing the dishes will feel like a mystical experience you don’t dread doing. Breastfeeding becomes this magical bonding time between mother and daughter no matter what time of the day.

Our mind has fallen prey to itself and believes its own banter. You listen to your own inner thoughts as if they are speaking the truth, but they do not. It is all designed to keep you away from your Higher Self.

In the Fabulous One Philosophy, I speak of ego and mind in different ways. Your mind is the field where all the thoughts enter, but your ego is the one who chooses which thoughts are relevant. If you look at my drawings inside the book. Several drawings explain the dimensions. Just have a look. You see that the mind is in dimension 6, as well known as the Collective Unconscious. A term coined by Carl Jung to describe that we are all connected to a group mind where all our memories are stored. Your inner saboteur, who is in dimension 3, can tap into dimension 6 any time she wants. That's why she is such a bottomless pit of negativity. She can just keep chattering about all day long. In my book, I also explain that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 are significant.

Nikola Tesla, who was a famous scientist back in the 20th century, said: “When we figure out the numbers 3, 6, and 9, we will unlock the universe and make more progress in a decade than we have made in centuries.”

Now, on a scientific level, I do not know what that means because if I allow my mind to wonder. Questions arise like, does it mean we can fly? Does it mean we can levitate? Become telepathic? Mind-to-mind communication? I don’t know about any physical implications. What I figured out for myself, and you are free to disagree with me. Is that these numbers are the veil that keeps my divine masculine and divine feminine energy from figuring out who they really are? And only when I uncover or remove the energetic blocks or veils from my eyes will I be able to see and remember who I am. It means that dimensions 3, 6, and 9 are veiled, and we will have to go on the hero’s journey to unlock them. The whole purpose is to keep your fabulous self occupied and away from figuring out who you are. The fabulous self is the conscious mind who will have to go on the hero’s journey to figure all this stuff out, but as long as dimension 6 is blocking her, she can’t access the soul and hear the messages. So, the first thing that needs to happen is to transcend dimension 6, which is the collective unconscious, which means everything that is happening in your outside world. Because the day you figure out who you really are, when it clicks, there’s nothing they can distract you with. And that makes you tremendously powerful, especially if you can help others do the same.

When you are no longer distracted;

You’re going to see right through the illusion.

You’re going to see right through the façade.

You’re going to see right through the fact that they’re trying to keep you small.

As long as you stay under the umbrella of dimension 6, they won’t bother you. But if you try to venture out of this dimension. You will draw attention to yourself. But remember, even if you transcend dimension 6, you are not done yet, and you still need to transcend dimension 9 and, last but not least, dimension 3. What happens to many people, and it happened to me as well, is that once you transcend dimension 6, you will feel on top of the world until everything comes crashing down again. You saw for a moment you were no longer blind, but what happens next is that the veil gets pulled back over your eyes without your consent, but this time you will be aware! For a moment, and for some, a very long moment, it can feel like you are losing your mind. It is very important that in this stage, which I call stage 3 in my book, the transition stage, you stay very grounded. By grounding, I mean literally attaching yourself to earthly things; otherwise, your inner saboteur will play tricks on you.

At some point, understand that your inner saboteur doesn’t care how successful or rich you become. She will grant you all the riches you desire. She cares most that you don’t get rid of her and will do anything to keep you from remembering who you are because she thinks that means her demise. The whole name of the game is to prevent you from remembering who you really are. Right now, the inner saboteur is in charge, and she does not want to hand over the keys to the kingdom.

In Stage 3, you will feel quite restless because you will admit to yourself: “I’m the reason I am in a state of suffering and can’t expand any further. I am the reason I can’t see past the veil. Why can’t I see past the Matrix?”

But if you look further, this is only to understand you are the one in charge and not the inner saboteur because if I am the problem, it means I am the solution too. It means that I can fix this. It means that I can rise above it. It means that I can do something in order to stop the distractions or remove the veil placed there by my inner saboteur.

Once I caught on, I created my freedom of mind method called The Fabulous One Framework Matrix. You can find the illustration in the book. It is a sophisticated model that will help you see through the illusion. It allows you to not only rise above the human matrix, the collective unconscious but go straight to the source and reconnect with the divine mother, dimension 11. But we won’t discuss that in this episode. Today, we focus on creating your own mental matrix that transcends dimension 6.

When you reach The Awakened State, which is dimension 11, you will have eyes like a hawk focus. Fully aware of your surroundings and everyone in it. You won’t be fooled by shiny objects or positive/negative talk.

You will consciously choose what you do in a day, even if you decide to watch TV or scroll on social media. You will do it with your conscious consent, meaning that you can stop at any given moment and not get sucked into an endless scrolling spree for hours or a marathon of tv shows because you feel you have nothing else better to do.

Once you awaken and reach The Awakened State, you will feel there is not enough time in your life to do all the things you want to do (in a good way, excitement will return to you). And you will make plans just to start doing the things that were always on your mind. You will no longer feel afraid of the collective unconscious and their opinions of you because they have no more power over you.

I choose my distractions whenever I feel it’s appropriate. I am a human being, not just a being. As a human, I love my favorite tv shows, and I love to watch certain people on YouTube. When you are in The Awakened State, your choice is exactly that. Your choice, and you decide based on what your preferences are. You will do what feels right.

Yes, I still watch TV, but I watch it when I allocate time to it. I don’t watch it because I’m bored. I don’t watch TV because I have nothing to do. I watch TV on a designated day at a designated time frame. I’m doing what feels right for me at the moment while still moving towards my destiny. I work hard on my self-improvement. When I say; “hard,” you can visualize in between parentheses. Since everything is my choice, I do it with pleasure and joy. It no longer feels like a chore or a bore because I am now doing things out of my own free will.

So very often, they make you feel that it’s everything or nothing. Drop everything material in order to be perceived as spiritual. Spirituality takes away all the fun and makes you feel shame and guilt if you don’t comply with their idea of “being awakened.” Ain’t that something?

All these modalities have these fixed ideas on how you have to be and behave in order to be worthy. All you have to be in the Fabulous One Philosophy is yourself. You just have to remember you are a Self-Master, and you are whole exactly the way you are. And if you don’t believe me, it’s because you still have to transcend dimensions 3, 6, and 9.

So, we got work to do.

Have you registered for my school yet?

Are you doing what you are doing out of your own free will, or are you not even aware of what you are doing? They can keep you stuck to the screen forever, you know? You will never think for yourself or come up with your own ideas if you keep staring at a screen, sis. You will never start doing things for yourself. And before you know it, five years will pass, then 15 years, 20 years will pass, and you will still find yourself in the same state. Always busy doing, but never arriving at “done.”

Yes, you grow up. Yes, you probably make more money in the meantime, but what didn’t change is “You.” Even if you lead a more luxurious lifestyle now than 20 years ago, your mind is still suffering. Still chasing that invisible carrot to keep you distracted in dimension 6. I call it: The fantasy land of the fake self.

And as you get older, it will become harder to awaken because you have more and more responsibility to keep you distracted. Getting older creates more complexity, therefore, a lot more stress. More stuff to worry about. It never ends, does it? It seems just to become more and more. So, as you get older, you will have no time to discover the numinous if you have to attend to everybody’s neurosis. You might be married with a kid(s). You have a job or business to run; you have family, friends who need your attention. There is no time for you to figure out what 3, 6, and 9 means. Good news, I already did, so it’s a little easier for you because I have already done that leg-work.

You promised yourself to start this meditation routine...

You promised yourself you would

You promised yourself to work on self-improvement...

... but it still hasn’t happened yet? Hmmm.

It’s alright,… when your kids are grown, and you have sacrificed your best years to everybody else, but you can still, you know…… try to check off some items on your bucket list. You’ll wake up when you die (lol). Hey, don’t shoot the messenger!

One way to speed up your own learning is to extract the lessons from other people’s mistakes or epiphanies. If you can’t even do that, it means you will remain in a state of suffering, and your soul will decide to teach you the lesson herself.

That means their experience becomes your experience without your awareness. You get sucked into everybody else’s drama and have to live out their karma as well. And if you think to be sneaky and just close yourself off from everyone, you’ll create your own drama in your head based on what you see happening in the outside world on your screen.

Who provides you with the framework that allows you to rise above all this drama? You need to create your own mental matrix within this ocean of the collective unconscious. Your You-Matrix. In my book, I call it my Fabulous One Framework Matrix, and it will help you rise above the drama and become untouchable. Abraham Hicks calls this: Your Vortex.

So that when the ocean of the Collective Unconscious is trying to drown you in a tsunami. It does nothing to you. Because once you create your own mental framework. You’ll have your own ecosystem within The Human Matrix that doesn’t need the environment to thrive.

Your Fabulous One Framework Matrix will supply its own oxygen. So, even though the ocean of the Collective Unconscious is trying to drown you in the deep. You’ll activate your You-Matrix and breathe underwater.



The Master's Mental Model replaces your old framework and gives you a new one where you can veto the inner saboteur's input whenever she decides to show up and leave her two cents. In the Master's Program, you will learn how to detach from the collective group mind (6D)and restore the connection to your Soul Mind (5D). Once you've activated your soul realignment, you can call upon your inner soul's guidance without the interference of the shadow self. The Fabulous One Framework® is a new lens of perception that empowers you to believe in yourself and see a world full of possibilities. For more information please click the button to watch the explainer video.



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