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How to stop comparing yourself to others | Poetic Motivation

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

We follow the mainstream media.

Action is the key to success.

If you are not in motion, you don’t want it bad enough.

You need to be hungry, don’t be afraid, take a leap of faith.


However, if doubt creeps in before you land,

you will crash and burn,

you will yearn for what is out of reach.

Defeated, depressed, dangerously obsessed,

with what you think you deserve best.

Blinded by shiny objects.

The quick shot to the brain,

a small boost of happiness for dealing with the pain.

True meaning was lost in your jump.

Your vision is blank.

Your body is broken.

Injured and sitting on the bench,

following on social media,

how other mothers are crushing that success.


What went wrong?

Was your effort not strong?

This is not your fault, it’s not fair.

You had no idea you were jumping on infinite stairs.

These stairs have no end.

At which point will you stop your single attempt?

every time you jump, the stairs extend……………

Which voice was it that said; go ahead?

Don’t jump, don’t jump!

First, awaken to see beyond physical reality.

Measure the distance with your heart.

Empower your body with enlightened energy.

Self love is where you start.

Sky is the limit, go further than the clouds, where it is dark and cold,

where time and space have no hold.

See your purpose up above and illuminate your path down below.

Shine bright on all that is near, truly elevate above the fear.

Jumping on the path of least resistance,

only to resist the progress of your fabulousness,

will count as one-step back on your path called life.

Life does not intend to inform you where you will go.

Life knows how to keep uncertainty… your journey.

As long as your mind can’t perceive, don’t just do to receive.

Dare to dream.

Be in the flow.

The place where limitations don’t show.

Behold, what you can’t see with your naked eye.


Don’t jump.




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