Our Energy Body Awakens Through Motherhood And How We Can Tap Into That Power | Advanced Teaching

Everything happens in 3's. If you wish to change something, go through the change 3x times before it truly sets in or takes effect. Fabulous One Philosophy divides the awakening process into 3 phases;

Phase 1 - Small Awakening

Phase 2 - Big Awakening

Phase 3 - Awakened State

If you wish to awaken, you must go through these 3 phases. The good news is that when you become a mother, you get launched into Phase 2. The only problem is that it happens without your consent. To be exact, without the consent of the conscious mind. When you become a mother, your physical body, who I believe to be the subconscious mind aka the divine feminine energy, aka your right brain, wakes up to her true nature, which is to remember she is the energy body.

What’s the difference between the physical body and the energy body?

If you have the book, you can look at my drawings called The Conscious Universe in a Box, Created in the Mind of Source, and The Divine Mother and her children. In these drawings, I show you the labels I have assigned to each dimension.

What I did not specify in my drawings is that our body is divided into three parts. There is the universal body, energy body, and physical body. The physical body is the subconscious mind (you can read the works of Dr. Candace Pert; Molecules of emotion). The subconscious mind is on 5D, but the unconscious mind convinced her she is a physical 3D body. Our Energy Body lives in 7D. When The Energy body fell asleep, she separated into 2 parts, 2D and 5D, which means she is much more powerful than the physical body/subconscious mind. As you can see in this Visionary Visual.

Only in 3D can energy become matter. Anything outside of 3D remains energy consciousness. This drawing is just a metaphorical idea of what the energy body would look like in real life, but there are no giants walking around on earth. The Energy Body is pure energy, more like an aura.

The split happened when you became self-aware. Your awareness made you realize ‘you and other.’ There was a split in your consciousness and the unconscious was created. The split happened on a much higher dimension. The Soul, 8D, and the Energy Body 7D created The Mind 6D.

The mind became aware of herself and she separated herself from soul and body. In order to do that, she had to put the energy body to sleep and make her believe she was a vulnerable physical body and not a powerful energy force. The mind created the veil, 3, 6 and 9, which prevents the selves from remembering each other, and makes them believe they are all separate selves instead of one whole self.

The Energy Body 7D, split into 2D and 5D. In science, 2D is as well known as the holographic universe, which allows for 3D Mind to create her physical reality. And 5D is known as the new paradigm we are collectively shifting towards, but most of us can’t see with the 5D mind because it is empty. In the Fabulous One Philosophy, I call the 5D mind, the empty throne, a room or chamber in your mind that can only be filled when the soul returns into the mind. The empty room or throne could be perceived as the subconscious, an empty subconscious mind because the heart is missing, the soul is missing. Mind is devoid of the soul. A Soulless mind is a dangerous mind because it will not look after the whole, but only cares about her individual self even at the expense of others. The unconscious mind put the energy body to sleep by making her believe she is a physical body and told her she is mortal and easy to kill (if you look at the drawings inside my book this story will be easier to understand.)

I don’t expect you to understand or embody this information right this instant. I am sharing this story to make you aware of something nobody has ever told you, but if you wish to learn the philosophy, I invite you to join my self-mastery school. Student level membership is free.

Our whole life, we walk on earth, wondering; why do we feel empty inside? Looking for ourselves, not understanding, or knowing how we separated ourselves from ourselves. We try to fill the void with anything the outside world provides, but nothing is ever enough. There is this gaping hole that just can’t be satiated. Never satisfied. It’s never enough or worse, we are never good enough.

Until you become a mother...

Something miraculous happens when you become a mother. You move up in levels of consciousness because of unconditional love and you break the hold of the unconscious mind. The physical body remembers she is not mortal, but an immortal energy called The Energy Body and restores the natural balance. She returns to 7D and allows the soul back on the empty throne. Your right brain just turns on in a much more powerful way than was ever known before and your soul restores the imbalance between left and right brain, by placing herself at the center, in the middle or 5th dimension.


Short Answer: Unconditional Love

You never knew love before until you became a mother. You never knew there was a deeper depth to love until you became a mother. Motherhood woke up the body and made her remember who she really is. Your child changed your biochemistry and reset your subconscious mind. You can feel the whole now more deeply. Much more empathy and compassion towards humanity. In science terms, we could as well say that the right brain just overrode the left brain. The right brain becomes more powerful when you become a mom and gives you the opportunity to awaken to who you are. But this window doesn’t stay open for long because once the unconscious mind understands what is going on. She will use this new influx of life force energy to make herself more powerful because she realized she has access to 7D instead of 6D. And she puts the Energy Body back to sleep, but uses her life force energy for herself.

Motherhood becomes the dark night of the soul.

Science has different names for how you feel, and I have no scientific proof to show you that my words are real. I can only tell you my story and how my spiritual awakening has opened me up to this deeper understanding of reality because when I became a mother, I got curious and went deep into the rabbit hole and ended up in the arms of The Great Mother (The Tao). Once I became The Awakened Mom; my consciousness could tap into the universe, and I created Fabulous One Philosophy from my heart’s intelligence or 5D mind.

What I believe happened to us mothers is that our conscious mind got confused. She felt unconditional love, but didn’t recognize it for what it was and it made her feel not good enough. You can see the divide amongst us mothers. Some of us feel extremely empowered by motherhood and some of us feel disempowered. One isn’t better than the other. Even if you feel empowered, it doesn’t mean you will awaken and serve humanity. You can still use that power for egotistical reasons and call it “being of service.” But those who feel disempowered see perfection in the child, and the love that the child shares towards her mother becomes a threat because she can’t share that same love back. A disempowered mother will judge herself for not living up to expectations. Unrealistic expectations given to her by the matrix how to take care of such a perfect being. The child is perfect, so you are not. You worry you might mess things up, not do a good job or fail. As a result, you will blame motherhood. Had I not become a mother, I would not feel this way.

Combine this with a lack of sleep and the physical energy required in order to take care of a newborn. It’s a recipe for a lot of things to go wrong. You feel emotionally exhausted. Your conscious mind misses her old life and secretly wishes it wasn’t real anymore. She wants this life to change back to the old life. And that’s when the unconscious becomes activated and says; Yes, I can make us go back to our old self, and she veils the energy body, puts her back to sleep.

If right now your mind is going: “Say What?!”

This is way too much imagination! Hahahahahah.

I wouldn’t disagree with you, if you had not heard this story before. I am not the first one who is telling you this story. Brothers Grimm beat me to it.

What happened to Snow White? She fell asleep.

What happened to Sleeping Beauty? She fell asleep.

Our history is full of fairy tales and fables we have taken for granted, but they have been trying to tell our origin story all along. We just haven’t understood the story. We received a distorted version of the story. The one where we believe men always have to come rescue us hahahaha. It has nothing to do with men. This is the story of the divine masculine and divine feminine energy and how they are in an eternal fight because they don’t know who they are.

In real time, this means you will destroy the life you have created. Some women decide motherhood is not for them and leave their family. Some women divorce their husbands, and some women well… let’s not go there, but it’s real. I am not exaggerating, and psychology is at a loss.

The only way out of this is when the conscious mind lets go of her old life and embraces the new. Stop telling yourself who you should be and accept who you have become. Yes, motherhood changes you into a new person, and you will have to get to know yourself all over again. This is a great opportunity for the conscious mind to remember she is the soul. But if she rejects the soul, the energy body will remain in a deep sleep, which has major consequences. It will darken your thoughts, your overall mood, look on life, and feelings of not being good enough will become stronger.

That is why we mothers have such a hard time adjusting to our new lifestyle. You shifted to a new dimension of reality, but nobody can explain what just happened to you. You feel different, act differently, think differently, you are different, but in denial of your new reality.

A confused conscious mind will try to go back to her old life because she fears the new dimension. She does not know what to expect and how to be this new version of herself. She feels it is safer to go back to the old. In the beginning, your body will refuse to comply. Most of the time, the body listens to the demands of the mind, but ever since she became a mother, she now has the power to override the mind. She wants to take care of her child, no matter how the mind feels about it.

Motherhood allows her to tap into 7D and make the mind powerless. Of course, this will only last for so long because once the conscious mind gets angry she switches to the unconscious mind, becoming the shadow who has the power to override the subconscious mind, and bring the body back down to a lower dimension, but keeps access to 7D-life force energy all to herself. There is a natural hierarchy in the universe. Once you go to a higher level, you will never go down again. Once the portal has been opened. It’s open. For example, once the cell becomes an organ, the organ can no longer go back to being a cell. Once the baby becomes a teenager, the teenager can never go back to being a baby. This applies to your mind as well. It means that once you realize a greater power within your mind, your unconscious mind now has access to a greater supply of life force energy and will use it against you. This is the stuff they don’t dare to tell you in spirituality. They lack the information or never had the experience of a full awakening, so they can’t access this information because they are not in The Awakened State.

Motherhood just made you a superwoman, but guess what?

Every superwoman has a…?

Exactly… supervillain.

The unconscious mind just went from the little fake self to the super fake self, meaning she tapped into higher dimensions because the physical body has opened the portal to the Energy Body. The restoration of that energy link gave the unconscious mind more power to continue to keep the conscious mind and subconscious mind separated.

It’s the job of the conscious mind to rescue the subconscious by remembering she is the soul which is 8D and helps the subconscious mind wake up to herself, which is the energy body on 7D. Once you tap into that level of consciousness, 6D will no longer hold you back and you can explore who you are without the collective unconscious or the unconscious mind scaring you into staying small. You will realize how powerful you have become and you will take steps towards embracing your light.

Motherhood just gave you the keys to the kingdom.

Motherhood allows you to tap into a much higher dimension which is the level of the energy body.

Motherhood just made you smarter, stronger, deeper, and able to see from a much higher perspective so you can create a union between the selves.

Information like this is not available because mainstream science doesn’t focus on the power of motherhood. They should, but I guess they are not ready to admit it yet. Spirituality acknowledges the power of the mother, but the masses don’t believe in spirituality and just take it with a grain of salt.

Yes, it’s cute, motherhood makes you supernatural, sureeeeeeee, it’s a catchy saying, but has no real meaning. Just something women invented to give themselves more importance (sigh).

Think about why society is so aggressive at placing motherhood at the bottom of the food chain?

Why do we make women feel once they become mothers they are no longer relevant?

Why is science trying to replace mothers with artificial intelligence?

They want the power to create life. Mother is The Mind of Creation.

As above, so below, you are that mother you just forgot.

There are more sinister reasons happening than you think. It’s because they don’t want you to remember who you are, and motherhood opens the portal to the universal mind. You can tap into higher levels of consciousness at will, and they don’t want you to know that. Mothers can change the world if they would just understand their own power.

The Great Masters speak of The Great Mother, the mind of source, the universal mind, The Tao, many names to describe “Mother,” but we, the modern people, have done away with the importance of motherhood.

There is a bigger agenda happening. If we, mothers can’t remember how important our role is, we won’t do anything to help humanity heal. If we believe we are powerless, we will focus just on every day-to-day survival, but we won’t tap into our greatness. All humans have an energetic link to The Great Mother, but we have forgotten it is there.

When a woman becomes a mother, this link is restored, but we are so foreign to this idea that we do not know what just happened to us and we see modern doctors to tell us what’s wrong with us. There is nothing “wrong.” You became a new self, and you will have to bring the conscious mind up to speed. She is the one who does not recognize this new self and goes into a fight-or-flight response. The switch from physical body to energy body almost makes you feel supernatural, but if misunderstood it can make you feel as if you are going crazy and out of control.

It’s time we, mothers, find out our true power of union and wholeness. You can now tap into The Great Mother’s Energy or Universal Mind at will if you would stop fearing your own light. We first have to change the story we have been fed for the last century, that motherhood makes you a burden to society. Motherhood makes you less effective or of no use to society. This is not true.

Motherhood gives us a greater vision to see from a higher perspective and allows the intellect to connect to her heart. The big jump from physical body to energy body is for the head and heart to connect and unite as one. You are one step closer to awakening your True Self. This is the true meaning of a quantum jump.

An Awakened Mother will awaken other mothers, but most importantly she will wake up her husband and children. Men will become our protectors again as nature intended so our kids can grow up in a safe environment. The future is in the hands of our children, but our children are in the hands of us, parents. We can determine the course of the future if we all wish to hold hands and wake each other up.

You won’t be able to do it if you keep trying to find truth in the matrix because where we are headed is the New Earth. It requires a new way of thinking. A new way of seeing the world through a different lens from a different frequency. That is why I call the subconscious mind in my book the frequency self. She determines your fate. If she is asleep, she can’t move you to a higher frequency, but once she awakens and remembers who she is. She becomes the universe, and the shadow will have no more power to keep her asleep. Once the subconscious mind’s power is restored, she will reset the mind to its original position and help the conscious mind remember she is consciousness. Together, they become the conscious universe. And finally, you’ll come to understand, you are the conscious universe waking up to herself.

Your Soul will return to her rightful place on the empty throne, and your 5D mind will be activated. Soul and Energy Body are restored in union, and you will feel whole again. You will see life from a non-dual perspective and no longer judge the world, but bring peace back on earth.

The key is to focus on yourself. Don’t change others. Change yourself first and the rest will follow. Awaken yourself first before you ask your family to join you. Become your True Self and your family will follow in your footsteps.

We have a long journey ahead of us, Fabulous One, but don’t worry, we can do this together, one step at a time. This is nothing you will realize overnight, and the embodiment will take even longer. That is why I opened my online self-mastery school. So, we can take our time, and study universal laws before you embark upon the hero’s journey to become The Awakened Mom.

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If you are interested to transform your Inner Saboteur into your greatest power, but you don't know how and you would like some help?

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