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We Cut Our Energetic Umbilical Cord With The Divine Mother So We Could Become Autonomous But Lost Us

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

We live in the mind of Source, and it's best shown to you with this visionary visual of the Russian Dolls. Have you ever seen one? They are extraordinary.

True story. When I was a teenager, I was a big basketball fanatic. I had dreams of playing in the WNBA. So, at age 15, I was selected as one of the best players in my city, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, to represent my country in Russia. It was an international high school tournament. All of us kids were so excited. We had to travel to Sint Petersburg without our parents, just a group of kids, supervised, of course. Boys too, we all went together. It was a fantastic trip. Unfortunately, we didn't win. The Russians beat us big time. They were so much taller than us, I'm 5'10, but these girls were at least 6'2, even their point guard. We didn't stand a chance. I swear I saw one of the girls on their team dunking the ball. Our mouths fell wide open. In those days to see a girl dunk, a basketball was a big deal.

We also had some time to do some sightseeing, and I saw this beautifully decorated Russian Doll. If you have never seen them before, look them up online. The best way to visualize how the dimensions work in our minds is to see them as Russian Dolls. The dimensions stack within each other, and all dimensions fit inside the Divine Mother, the giant doll.

In my book, Fabulous One Philosophy, the divine mother is in dimension 11. That is as far as I have reached mentally. I have no idea what comes after dimension 11 or if there are even more dimensions. It's irrelevant to what I have to teach you. To master the self, all you need to know is these 11 dimensions and how they function within each other.

If you look at my VV, you can see that I have numbered them all the way down to 3D, with one exception, there is one doll missing in action, which is the 5D mind. The 5D Mind is Fabulous One, but you can only become Fabulous One when all four fractal selves unite. If you do not know who the fractal selves are, watch my videos on YouTube, or if you come to my school, I have a free 1 hr masterclass that teaches you all about these four minds. You must know them because they are the pillars of the Fabulous One Philosophy. As you can see, all dolls fit within each other, so all dimensions fit within each other.

The All is One, and The One is All.

We are physical humans, which would be dimension 3, but we are all dimensions in one.

We are "The All" combined as One.

The One is The Divine Mother, and we are "All," a part of her.

Hermetic Philosophy's first principle is, "The All is Mind, the Universe is mental."

We are all created in the mind of Source, and never left. We are still in her mind. Our physical reality appears physical, but it's transient. This means that our physical reality is constantly subjected to change and, therefore, never stays the same. That's why Buddhism calls it an illusion.

You were once 5 years old.

Where is she now?

Can you go back to being five?

What happened to your body?

Can your cells go back to being five years old?

No, you will never be able to prove it, either. We have a picture of once being five, but we can't show you in the here and now unless we are five.

So, did we dream of being five?

There is a natural hierarchical flow of nature that our intellect truly wants to deny. But once the cells become five, they will never be one year old again. Once your cells age twenty-one, you will never be ten again. So you are constantly moving up the scale, physically.

Would it be too far-fetched to think you might mentally move up the scale too?

We wouldn't have noticed it if it wasn't for our school system. Luckily because we go to school, we notice we are getting smarter, and as we get older, we can understand more complex material than when we were five years old. So, yes, our mind's natural progression is moving up the scales in the non-physical.

It would be best if you became more intelligent to understand more complex materials. But, unfortunately, after high school, they no longer emphasize that because the less smart you are, the better for the human matrix. Instead, they can use you as a worker bee and not worry about you ever following your own path or awakening to who you really are.

If you wish to reach dimension 11, which is the mind of Source, you have to make your conscious mind smarter, which is dimension 4. To do that, you will have to connect to dimension 8, which is your soul. To connect to dimension 8, you must open up dimension 7, which is your energy body. To open up your energy body, you must transcend dimension 6, the collective unconscious. I have created the dimensions in such a way that it tells the story, and your mind can move up and down the dimensional ladder, so the speak, to count how many steps you need to reach the mountain top.

This drawing demonstrates our true nature and why we can't look further than our level of perception because there are built-in walls and fail-safes to ensure you can't see the divine mother. First, we need to remember we are worthy to see her in the first place, but with dimension 5 being blocked off, it's hard to see further than the collective unconscious.

To escape the human matrix, you must study the dimensions and understand how they work within you. You will have to accept a hierarchy within your mind; there are different levels in our non-physical and, therefore, our physical. It makes sense that human beings are constantly seeking the next best thing, always climbing the ladder, seeking to go higher and higher, but don't know why.

It's because you are on the conveyor built of the universe, which is taking you back to the mind of Source with or without your permission. You will return back to her, eventually. You can make this journey easy or full of suffering. That choice is up to you.

What means remembering who you are?

It's understanding we are already home.

We are already connected to The Divine Mother.

We never left. We can always go home.

Dorothy, you must remember to click your heels.

You are Fabulous One.

All you have to do is remember what you forgot.



The Master's Mental Model replaces your old framework and gives you a new one where you can veto the inner saboteur's input whenever she decides to show up and leave her two cents. In the Master's Program, you will learn how to detach from the collective group mind (6D)and restore the connection to your Soul Mind (5D). Once you've activated your soul realignment, you can call upon your inner soul's guidance without the interference of the shadow self. The Fabulous One Framework® is a new lens of perception that empowers you to believe in yourself and see a world full of possibilities. For more information please click the button to watch the explainer video.



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