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Remember Who You Are | You Are Enough | Poetic Motivation

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Find yourself first. The rest will fall into place.

When you become a mother, you’ll have to let go of control and trust.

Your child will dictate the rules of engagement, and you will be her host.

Complete surrender to the Divine Mother, or you will feel lost.

This will drive any egoic mind crazy.

No power, no control, no respect, no reward, no money?!


No, I don’t think so.

They said: “Increase my feminine energy.”

Social media says I need to roar.

Unleash my Inner Sasha Fierce.

If I don’t, I will disappear.

They told me: “No excuses, become ruthless.”

But instead, I became a mom, and the world

marked me: “Useless.”

I am nothing.

I am nobody.

I am invisible

“Great!” said my Soul.

I’m happy. I finally have you in a position,

where I can show you that you are WHOLE.

Step out of your mind.

Understand, you stand with The Divine.

At your core, you are not good or bad.

You were just running an unconscious program.

I need you to say: “I AM!”

My mind is the emissary who can judge to her heart's content.

But If I want to set myself free from my mind.

My mind will have to bow down to her True Master.

And that can only happen if I can see past her…

Which means yes, I can be incredibly bad and think horrific things.

Yes, I can hurt others. The violence is within.

Yes, I can be loving and kind.

Yes, I can be compassionate and give selflessly.

I Choose.

This is My Life.

I have Free Will.

If I allow my mind to decide,

I will be taken on a rollercoaster ride.

And half of me will always have to hide.

Stuck in a world of duality and distortion becomes my reality.

Where my unconscious has the upper hand.

Playing footsie with the fake self in her fantasy land.

It’s like an infinite entertainment hall with a billion distractions to keep me occupied. No matter how many good deeds I do. The fake self always reminds me of all the wrongs I still need to right, or I will never be purified.

My mind resides on this pendulum swing,

I move from negative to positive and back to negative again.

Round and round, I go.

Don’t expect your mind to do something she can’t; sitting still is a no-no.

I need to be out of my mind to bring sanity back into my life.

Take a leap of faith, step into the unknown, and meet up with my Soul.

She’s waiting in the field of flowers.

A witness to everything you’ve done.

Good or bad, it doesn’t matter.

She doesn’t love you any less.

Become The Witness.

Mind and Body will step out of space and time.

And your empty throne will be owned by the True Master in your life.

There can be no Knowledge without the Knower.

There can be no Knower without the Witness.

Not only do you know, but you know that you know.

Who you want to be, you already are, if you could only see.

The voice of imprisonment and the voice of freedom are one and the same.

Find the truth within and ignite your eternal flame.

Unconditional love will not be the end result.

You will finally realize it has always been your default.



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