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Wounded Divine Masculine Energy | The conscious mind has judged herself unfairly | Visionary Visuals

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

We all hear these 2 distinct voices inside our minds. One is positive, and the other one is negative. Very often, more negative than positive. But just hearing negative thoughts doesn’t mean you are unconscious. Even conscious people have a lot of negative thoughts. The difference is that a conscious person doesn’t punish herself for having them. In the episodes of Visionary Visuals, I will explain my drawings to you to help you have an aha moment to elevate you to a higher level of thinking.

In the Fabulous One Philosophy, I speak of the four minds that need to unite as One. I gave each mind its own avatar. This way, it’s easier for you to recognize them. In my drawings, these avatars are always playing out some type of scenario. These four minds are the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, the unconscious mind, and the soul. Yes, the soul is a mind. Even our Soul has limits to what she can do in this Conscious Universe because, on the deepest level, it’s our Soul who needs to remember who she is. The portal to The Divine Mother is invisible because it’s blocked by the conscious mind separating herself from the rest.

Why did she do that? “Awareness” made her do it.

The very thing that will save us now is the very thing that made us lock ourselves up and throw away the key. The conscious mind’s superpower is awareness. It means she realized everything about herself and felt shame and guilt about certain thoughts and emotions. She created morals, values, and rules to abide by as a human being based on duality, and if she did not follow her own rules, she would punish that part of herself and lock it away. She split herself in half.

The part she shows to the world is the fabulous self, and the one she hides from the world is the fake self. She wants to be seen as the fabulous self. Anything not-fabulous is not in her vocabulary. She can’t accept being perceived as not-fabulous. So, anything judged by the outside world was therefore judged by her conscious mind and sent to prison.

That’s why in this drawing, you can see that the fake self is in her own mental prison. She’s complaining because the fake self isn’t really fake. It’s just that the fabulous self did away with everything considered unacceptable about herself.

If you check in with yourself, you can easily see how that is true.

Do you have thoughts you feel are unacceptable?

What do you do with them?

Do you express them or hide them?

We don’t mean to, but we think we are bad for having negative thoughts. We think we shouldn’t have these thoughts at all. We feel that just allowing these thoughts in makes us impure, tainted, or sinful. The world confirms it as well. Which makes you feel even more powerless.

Even if you had a moment of insight and realized, wait a minute, this is not right? The world will quickly tell you to stop tripping and do away with your fake self. The world will confirm how wrong you are. They have no problem making you aware of everything that is wrong with you. Anything to keep you from remembering who you really are.

The problem is: You believe them. So, you locked up all the parts of yourself that the world considers unacceptable. The good news is that you do not depend on the world to set yourself free. You are the one that can set yourself free.

How? Just look at my drawing.

Who holds the keys to your freedom?

Who is sitting there comfortably on the bench enjoying the nice weather, pretending to be fabulous with only half of herself? The other half, we don’t get to see. The golden chain that connects them both is symbolic of still being tethered to the parts of yourself you have locked away. The unworthy parts. Lucky for you, You can never do away with yourself. You can only take those parts you deny outside of your conscious awareness, but it’s still there, in the shadows, waiting to be freed. That’s why the fake self is inside the prison—waiting for you to open the door.

Who is the real bad guy or girl in this case?

Who is the one that needs to accept herself for who she is?

Yes, the fabulous self, your conscious mind.

She has to stop judging herself and include all of herself. She needs to become aware she is fabulous just as she is. She doesn’t have to make certain aspects of herself “fake” and do away with them in order to be loved. You are an adult now. You can allow the fake self to tell her story and become aware of what you have done. The fake self will forgive you because “forgiveness from the fake self” will mean you have forgiven yourself for putting yourself in a box.

A box made by the world for you to fit in. A box that was never your size but meant to keep you small. It’s time to come out of your own mental jail and allow the fake self to speak her peace. If you allow her to tell her story. Something miraculous will happen.

You learn you didn’t hide bad qualities but as well many beautiful qualities about yourself. Beautiful qualities that never got the chance to grow and express themselves because of shame and guilt. In the past, you had a good reason. You were protecting yourself from “them,” and this was the only way to do that. Now that you are an adult, it’s safe to open the cell. Don’t worry. No crazy monster is going to come flying out. If you look at yourself, you might cry because you were not doing away with all the “negative” but also many positive traits. As an adult, you will see there was nothing wrong with you, and for a moment, it will make you feel sad you have wasted so much time worrying about what others thought of you and therefore censoring yourself.

In society’s defense, back then, it had a good reason. Shining your light will get you killed or hurt back in the day. Even not so long ago (I mean centuries), there were massive witch hunts. Women who were showing any confidence above average or who were very smart and knew how to use science to innovate were branded witches. It’s in our female DNA to feel scared when we turn on our lights. History has not been kind to women shining their light. Hiding was the safest thing to do.

Lucky for us, we live in a different time now—a time where the divine feminine energy can rise again. And we must take advantage of this amazing opportunity and reinstate the other half of ourselves back into the light.

The biggest mistake is to think that the unconscious mind has only negative traits or thoughts. That is not true. Unconscious means “not aware or outside of your awareness.” Everything you are not aware of is in there. Imagine how much stuff is still undiscovered. You are an infinite being with unlimited potential. The only potential you are aware of is what you have allowed in.

What if you allow the unconscious in?

What would you find?

What would you remember about yourself?

So many beautiful hidden gems you did not know about. Buddhism calls this; “ The jewel in the lotus.” That’s why my logo has diamonds in them. It’s about discovering your inner diamond by mastering your self. Your unconscious mind is your secret treasure chest you hid from yourself.

Lucky for you, the keys are in your hands. So, all you have to do is to be curious and courageous enough to open that door.

You are Fabulous One. All you have to do is remember what you forgot.



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