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How to open your third eye | The third time is the charm | Secret Podcast S02E13 | Self-Mastery for Moms

Hello, Fabulous One.

I have seen good women become dark in their hearts more than once, so I don't say this lightly: We must do better.

The unconscious mind has hijacked our spiritual journey toward the higher self. It's not our fault, but it's the ignorance of spiritual teachers who told us to seek the higher self without explaining the consequences. We live in a dual universe. Where there is good, there will be bad. It's a hard pill to swallow, and the fact that we can't accept it causes so much pain in our world. We live in a chronic state of fear because we lack the physical power to protect ourselves from predators.

Where does our true power lie?

Our power lies in our hearts. The heart must awaken to your soul's mind. Women were gifted passage through the quantum field when we became mothers to restore our connection to The Great Mother. A secret never shared because if we knew, we would activate power within 1000x stronger than our physical world and succeed in creating peace on earth.

When mothers awaken, we will unite humanity as One. Men and women will work in cooperation and not against each other. Having each other as allies will create a greater positive outcome than fighting one another. Mothers are the key. Mothers give birth to the future of humanity, and it starts in our womb. If we wish to have children who come into this world feeling at peace and in harmony, our bodies need to feel at peace and in harmony with life. So, even though it will feel counterintuitive to create a better world, we must become better mentally and spiritually to change the frequency of our reality.

Old spiritual teachers never told you that awakening happens in three phases and that if we do not complete the third phase, we will have heightened awareness, but without transcending our dual universe, it will create more fear than peace. When we reach a higher frequency, it doesn't mean we are out of duality. It means we have a greater capacity to see more because more light is available to shine upon the world. But that's when the unconscious mind decides to focus our light on all the pain and tells us to fight instead of feeling fabulous. You will go through another cycle of shame and guilt, but this time, it's more of a survivor's guilt because you feel powerless to help other women who are still suffering. So, to feel their pain, you must be in pain again. So, what once started as a journey towards wholeness becomes more reason to separate yourself from others and fuel your anger to fight injustice.

We can't fix this by fighting against it. We can fix it when we let go of the fight, go deeper, and complete the final third phase. We no longer exclude our unconscious mind but make her part of the hero's journey. Your unconscious mind needs to go from fake to fierce.

In this episode, I will explain why the unconscious mind has to go through three phases to remember who she is, and once you complete the third phase, you will be able to stand in your inner power and create the world you see in your mind's eye: A Fabulous New Earth!

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